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john and betsy mccurdy

John and Betsy began their partnership in high school in Bay Springs, MS. They both graduated near the top of their classes; then attended junior college in south Mississippi before their entrepreneurial spirit took over and they decided to get married and go into business for themselves.  


In 1984, they partnered with another guy and opened the Shrimp Hut, a wholesale/retail seafood operation in Laurel, MS . Three years later, John and Betsy decided to move to Oxford and opened similar businesses named Oxford Seafood and Sunny States Seafood which quickly became local and international suppliers of seafood.


As early as 1987, the McCurdys enjoyed buying and selling land. Their first deal was purchasing 130 acres west of Oxford. Within one year, they had developed the property into a wildlife haven, sold 90 acres for a handsome profit and kept 40 acres to have a place to hunt. From this moment on, buying, fixing up and selling land was their second love.


In the late 1990s, John and Betsy starting buying land fondly known today as “The Highlands” and the rest is history. They have two children, JW McCurdy a local home builder and Meg who is currently attending the University of Mississippi.

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