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Braemar Park at The Highlands offers the perfect gathering and retreat settings. Open grassy areas for sports, a basketball court, swing sets, installations for games and a pavilion with seating and a community grill all make Braemar Park an ideal area to make memories.



The inspiration for Braemar Park comes from Braemar, Scotland, a Highland resort village that is well-known for its games and, most notably, the annual Braemar Gathering. Dating back over 900 years to the time when King Malcolm III watched the contests between local clans, the gatherings are still popular with royalty today.


The 80-acre lake at The Highlands has three and a half miles of natural shoreline, with an average depth of over 15 feet, and the deepest point exceeding 34 feet.

The lake has been stocked with 70,000 Coppernose Bluegrill Bream and Red Ear Shell Crackers along with 70,000 fathead minnows. 7,000 F-1 Largemouth Bass and 700 Catfish also call the lake home.

No jet skis or wave runners are allowed on the lake and the maximum length for boats and pontoons is 17 feet.


The walking trail at The Highlands surrounds Braemar Park and is a total distance of 3/4 of a mile. The loop offers beautiful views of the natural landscape and is completely lined with trees, providing a calm and serene feeling for the individuals who use the trail for exercise and peaceful strolls.


The residents of The Highlands don’t have to worry about noisy traffic or busy roads backing up to one another. Each individual has their own little piece of natural luxury, with lush trees and room to claim a little bit of the great outdoors for themselves.

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