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What are we all about at the Highlands?

The Highlands is most often considered the most luxurious property in North Mississippi. We, the residents, feel the Highlands is Heaven on the East side of Oxford prime. This is primarily because we gladly cohabitate approximately 85 private acres of spring fed, trophy lake along with 100's of natural trees, birds, deer and other critters even we are surprised to spy, now and then. We even have our very own Eagle! 

Interesting facts about the Trophy Lake at the Highlands Subdivision

  • Prior to completion of the levee, over 1 million pounds of /Grade A Lime was distributed in the dry lakebed.

  • The levee contains ~135,00 cubic yards of dirt and was completed on 8/14/02. It reached spillway level and began discharging less than 7 months later on 03/03/03.

  • In November 2002, less than 3 months after construction was completed, the lake was stocked with 70,000 Copper nose Bluegill Bream and Red Ear Shell Crackers along with 70,000 fathead minnows.

  • Seven months later, June of 2003, the lake was stocked with 7,000 F-1Largemouth Bass.

  • Finally, in the fall of 2003, the lake was stocked with 700 catfish.

  • The lake has 18,700 feet or 3.5 miles of natural shoreline.

  • The lake maintains a constant water level year round due to being fed by over 30 live springs.

  • The lake's average depth is over 15 feet deep with the deepest point over 34 feet.

(Interesting facts provided by: BSD)

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