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Alister Cove is an affordable, brand new single-family subdivision situated in the luxury neighborhood of The Highlands.

Whether you're adventuring through the trails and down to the marina, making countless memories of afternoons at the park, or sharing a family meal at your dinner table, a day at Alister Cove is a day well-spent.

Wake up every morning to laughter, new adventures, and creating stories with your friends and family that are worth telling for decades.  Alister Cove is more than just a neighborhood.  It's a livelihood.

  • Alister Cove began construction in 2017 and homes and sites are still available.

  • Residents of Alister Cove has access to the 80-acre lake, stocked with 70,000 Coppernose Bluegrill Bream and Red Ear Shell Crackers, along with 70,000 fathead minnows.

  • Alister Cove is located right next to Braemar Park, which hosts a basketball court, swing sets, family-friendly activities and a pavilion with seating and a community grill.

  • Our peaceful, nature-filled walking trail, which is 3/4 of a mile, is located next to Alister Cove.

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